Birth of an Orchestra

By Pamela Bell, Rob Tulloh & Aimée Cottam


Having been inspired for several years by William Goodchild's conducting and creative leadership, we decided to form a new orchestra in Bristol to give him scope to give free rein to his talents and fully explore his musical vision. We will always strive to be the Orchestra that takes both players and audiences on unexpected and inspiring musical journeys and experiences.


Bristol Symphony Orchestra


Founded in January 2016, Bristol Symphony is a new and exciting young orchestra for the City. Comprised of dynamic and talented players from across the region, Bristol Symphony is conducted by award-winning composer and professional conductor, William Goodchild, and led by Pamela Bell. We work with a variety of established and emerging soloists, and with non-classical artists, from time to time.


Bristol Symphony performs a core of three major concerts each year at a variety of venues including St George’s Bristol, Clifton Cathedral and St Mary Redcliffe. We also play at special events such as charity fundraising concerts and corporate functions in Bristol and the West of England.


In addition to 19th and 20th Century symphonic repertoire, we perform works by living composers, including new commissions, such as the Concerto for Kora and Orchestra, composed by William Goodchild and Senegalese musician, Mamadou Cissokho, who lives in Bristol. The piece was commissioned by High Sheriff of Bristol, Helen Wilde, and performed at her concert on 18th June 2016 at St George’s Bristol. Each summer, the Orchestra performs Jazz Meets Bristol Symphony involving collaboration with an international jazz soloist or group.


Warmth, friendliness and a democratic approach characterise our outlook. We enjoy each other’s company, and support and develop one another’s playing. We have a strong and well-organised Management Team, which meets four times a year. Our aim is to rehearse and perform to the highest standard we can achieve, and to communicate the joy we have in making music to as wide an audience as possible.



Website Photos by

Rosa Fay Photography

and Remco Merbis

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