Behind the Scenes

Bristol Symphony Orchestra Management Team

Peter Wilde: Creative Director & Programme Notes

In spite of a background in medicine and management, I have always had a creative streak and I almost became a professional photographer. I don’t have any musical skills but along with Helen, I have enjoyed music of every sort, especially classical music. Having witnessed the exciting start of the Bristol Symphony Orchestra and supported and encouraged its development, I have found that I can offer a different viewpoint in the discussions about concert planning and programming. I try to understand the orchestra’s work from the perspective of the audience (and those who might become an audience). I believe the orchestra is already breaking out from a ‘traditional style’ and is offering something a bit extra to draw in more listeners and enhance their enjoyment of symphonic music.


I am contributing to programme note in the same vein, not offering technical musical explanations but helping our audiences to understand why we are presenting particular programmes and giving some insight into what they might expect to experience at the concert.