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Concerto for Kora and Orchestra - Mamadou Cissokho and William Goodchild

Having completed the orchestral score for the Concerto for Kora and Orchestra, William Goodchild and Mamadou Cissokho spent a day at Christchurch Studios Clifton recording a model of the entire work. Using an electronic reproduction of the orchestral score, they recorded and overdubbed the kora solo part, and guide djembe and percussion parts.

The work has its first full rehearsal on Monday 18th April. Joining the Orchestra and conductor Will, will be Mamadou (kora), David Oliver (world percussion) and two Senegalese drummers playing a variety of West African drums including djembe, dundun and congas. Concerto for Kora and Orchestra has been commissioned by Bristol High Sheriff 2016/17, Helen Wilde. The work receives its premiere at the High Sheriff's Concert on 18th June at St George's Bristol.

Thank you to Rosa Fay for the Photos:

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