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Bristol Symphony Orchestra and BBC Music Day 2016

We had a great Open Rehearsal last night at St George's Bristol. Thanks to everyone who came along to listen and watch. We were taking part in the nationwide events for BBC Music Day (BBC Music Day: connecting communities and generations in a celebration of music across the UK).

We were rehearsing our Concerto for Kora and Orchestra, composed by our conductor, William Goodchild, and master kora player, Mamadou Cissokho. This piece will be premiered on Saturday 18th June at St George's Bristol, as part of a programme for The High Sheriff's Concert. The concerto was commissioned by Bristol's High Sheriff, Helen Wilde. Remco Merbis from Pixillion also attended the rehearsal. Remco is currently making a short film of the collaboration between William and Mamadou.

William invited members of the audience onto the stage to sit amongst the orchestra. This proved really successful, with up to nine audience members at a time experiencing the rehearsal from a player's perspective. The BBC Music Day strapline is, For the love of music, and our Open Rehearsal certainly felt relaxed, with people popping in and out of the hall, joining us on stage and generally enjoying hearing an orchestra at work.

Bristol Symphony at St George's BBC Music Day | June 2016

If you are interested in hearing the live performance of Concerto for Kora and Orchestra, please click here for more information and to buy tickets.

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