Celebrating the Life of Sara Lovell

A Tribute to Sara Lovell

by Rachel Goodchild (Designer and Marketing Manager for Bristol Symphony)



On Saturday 24th March Bristol Symphony Orchestra will be celebrating the life of Sara Lovell. The concert is titled Brief Encounter  and consists of an emotional and moving programme. The soloists are either related to Sara, or enjoyed a life-long friendship with her.


Looking through a folder of old reviews and articles that were recently lent to me, I stumbled across an old article written by Hazel Davis of The Guardian. Her first paragraph jumped out at me...


"In Sara Lovell's world, everything is 'great!' or 'Lovely! ' All words have exclamation marks after them and there is no room, I repeat no room, for negatives. It's not hard to see, therefore, why she is not only a successful cellist but also a very well respected pedagogue". 


Sara's enthusiasm and positive outlook to life is how I will remember her.  I first met Sara in 2009 when I was designing the artwork and programme for one of her concerts at St George's Bristol. As we lived near to the venue, we offered Sara a meal and a room to rest in before the concert. I had been so impressed by her playing at the rehearsal - she played so beautifully and with so much feeling. Then, over conversation at our home, I learnt that she had in the past also been an aviator, and was also a keen sailor.


Sara was also the author of a book called Cellotude - A Fast Track to Brilliance (2006, Beautiful Books Ltd). Cellotude is a unique teaching approach for students of the cello, although it does also apply to all young people learning string instruments. The book has been highly acclaimed by the conductors Peter Stark and Marin Alsop, the Royal Academy of Music, the Royal Northern College of Music, Chetham's School of Music and the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain.


In early 2015, I met Sara again when she attended a Marketing Course that I was running. I assumed she was there because she was wanting to learn how to market her music, but once again, Sara surprised me. I had no idea that Sara was also a talented artist.