Behind the Scenes

Bristol Symphony Orchestra Management Committee

William Goodchild: Artistic Director and Conductor

In addition to conducting the Orchestra, my role as Artistic Director is to programme the concerts: to choose, together with the Orchestra, the works we rehearse and perform. At the heart of this is consolidation (working on core repertoire), variety (introducing unfamiliar works), and innovation (performing new commissions). Each programme needs to be carefully balanced, both in terms of its audience appeal and the demands it makes on players. To help strengthen our performance, from time to time, I invite sectional tutors for strings, wind and brass, and also select our concert soloists. The latter are most often musicians I know or have worked with professionally.
At the start of each term, I plan the rehearsal schedule, so that everyone is aware which pieces we will be working on, and when. I discuss all the practical arrangements needed for our rehearsal and concert venues with our Concert Administrator.
Auditioning new players is essential for our success and I always involve the leader, section leaders and principal players in the whole process. We audition wind and brass players individually and string players within their section.
Beyond the Orchestra itself, I believe it is vital to look for opportunities in the City of Bristol and regionally, both to increase our reach and to develop our audience. I really enjoy meeting people, discovering organisations previously unknown to me, and making friends for the Orchestra. This includes encouraging support for the Orchestra through, for instance, volunteering in various ways, and sponsorship. I look forward to meeting you.

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